Melisandre Necklace

The costumes on the HBO series Game of Thrones are creatively executed. At the time that I started getting obsessed with the series, I had also procured a digital die cutter from Klik-N-Kut. When I saw the episode that introduced Melisandre (pictured below), I got inspired to design a necklace similar to the one that she was wearing on the show:


I started my design out in Adobe Illustrator using a repetition of hexagons and trapezoids. I didn’t trace anything, and did this purely by looking at a picture of Melisandre with the necklace on.



The material used for the necklace was faux leather repurposed from a bag. I had some trouble cutting the design at first because the width of the material that made up the sides of the hexagons and trapezoid was so thin. I found that cutting the inner shapes, and then the outline resulted in a successful cut. Below is the finished product.

IMG_5328 IMG_5323